Central HS of Clay County debuts new mascot, Hero the Volunteer

Clay Central's new mascot Hero the Volunteer

CLAY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - This football season, the Central-Clay County Volunteers are welcoming a new member to the team.

He stands over six feet tall and has become the most popular person at school.

“It feels good to finally have something that represents us because we’ve never really had something that represented us like that," said Central Clay Co. Center Riley Milstead.

Meet Hero the Volunteer, Central High School of Clay County’s first official mascot in school history. Hero has been eight years in the making since Clay County High and Lineville High merged in 2012.

"It’s huge for our school. The kids really didn’t have anyone to identify with per say so now that we have Hero, we knew we were the Volunteers, we knew that, but now we actually have a face to represent us. They feel like finally it’s us, it’s not Ashville and Lineville, it’s Central, " said Central Cheer Coach Tiesha Wilson.

Hero the Volunteer was created through a drawing contest at school. Students of all ages got the opportunity to draw what they think Hero should look like and this summer that drawing came to life.

“He has his own Facebook and Instagram account, I tell him all the time, you have more followers on Facebook than I do. People take pictures with him, selfies, he’s very fun and interactive, it’s definitely brought more school spirit to campus,” said Wilson.

Hero is described as a combination of a Minuteman and a Patriot. He does not speak, but his personality is full of dance moves, and his eyebrows make the students laugh.

“He looked like Michael Myers at one point," Milstead said laughing.

Hero isn’t just a mascot, he’s now a teammate and friend to those on campus.

“It’s pretty cool knowing we have a mascot and feel complete as a school,” Milstead said.

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