Oxford Police now use 3D technology to investigate wreck scenes

3D technology to help car accident investigations

OXFORD, Ala. (WBRC) - Oxford police have a new tool that uses 3D technology.

It’s a scanner that uses laser technology to scan and record all angles of a wreck scene.

“Basically what it does is it spins a laser 360 degrees, and everything that the laser bounces off of, if you will, directs us a point,” says Lt. Donald Ridley. “And that creates billions of points, and the points form a three-dimensional point platter, that we can then use with specialized software, to create a 3D representation of a crash scene.”

Ridley, the city’s traffic fatality investigator, says it cuts down the amount of time used to compile accident reports.

He also says it could become valuable in court, for a city that has I-20, and Highways 21, 78 and 431 all coming through it.

“I would hope that we never have a fatal crash or a serious injury type crash for the rest of my career, but it’s good to know that I’ve got that tool,” Ridley said.

Ridley says very few police departments in Alabama has such a device, made by a company called Faro.

He says police Chief Bill Partridge purchased the device, having worked as a scene investigator earlier in his own career.

Ridley also says it could used for crime scenes as well, but the HD video it records has yet to be used in court in Calhoun County.

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