COVID vaccine trial needs more minority participation

St. Vincent's trial study looking for minorities

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - St. Vincent’s Health System is still looking for more minorities to take part in a trial vaccine test.

The hospital has suspended taking others into the program.

St. Vincent’s is taking part in the Moderna study. Earlier, a St. Vincent’s official talked about getting others to take part in the trial program. The study still needs African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities to take part.

At St Vincent’s, James Story is an RN and he is the Director of Ambulatory Services at the hospital. He is also African American. He has been taking part in the trial tests.

Story said the tests need African Americans and others because the coronavirus is hitting those communities hard. They need test participants to determine what is needed to treat and cure those who become infected.

Story realizes there may still be those suspicious of being injected with a test vaccine. The old fear comes from the Tuskegee Experiment where African Americans were abused as test subjects.

“There are some things we have learned from the past and past research studies in which now we have internal review boards and safety practices to keep trail recipients safe. So there are people looking over the shoulders of these research studies so people are kept safe and nobody is harmed,” Story said.

Story said it’s an honor to take part in this study that could help find a way to cure or treat COVID patients. Story said there is a questionnaire for you to take if you are interested. There is a small compensation for taking part for your time and mileage. To see if you are interested, go to the St. Vincent’s Health Systems Facebook page.

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