Tuscaloosa firefighters deploy to Alabama Gulf Coast

Tuscaloosa's Swift Water Rescue Team deployed

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Sixteen members of Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue’s Swift Water Rescue Team are putting their skills to use in south Alabama.

“They’ll be doing search and rescue, structures that are inundated with water. The team is capable of doing the kind of rescue from swift water to any type of surface water rescue,” Chief Randy Smith said.

They’re using training needed, considering the kind of damage caused by Hurricane Sally. Flooding happened in several communities along the coast.

Some of the people living there could be struggling.

“You have elderly people that live along the river. You have people that have varying medical conditions. So its very important to have people trained that can deal with the water and can operate safely on the water to get into these places to help people,” Smith continued.

Members of the group prepared earlier this month to help in Louisiana following Hurricane damage there. But they were not sent there. The Swift Water Rescue team was also ready this time for Hurricane Sally if there was a need for their services.

“As the storm came in we continually watched it. The team prepared and had everything ready to go out the door,” Smith said.

The Swift Water Rescue team expects to be working 14 to 16 hour shifts while they’re working in Baldwin County.

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