Tuscaloosa City Schools asks parents to consider substitute teaching

Finding enough substitute teachers in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Superintendent Mike Daria reached out to parents and community members for help in an unprecedented situation.

“We need more substitutes, so we want to encourage our community members and parents to join our substitute teacher pool,” said Daria.

Tuscaloosa City Schools' board voted 5 to 3 to start a staggered schedule beginning next week for younger students and the following week for older students, culminating in traditional in-school learning resuming October 12.

But before they do that, they hope to have a few more hands to count on.

“I think the number provided was 248 substitutes, I think 170 are teacher substitutes, that won’t be enough to carry us through the year," Daria said.

To sign up, email Shan Holt at shan.holt@kellyservices.com and then call 205-870-7154.

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