‘IN ATTIC HELP’: Couple is rescued from storm Sally by water

‘IN ATTIC HELP’: Couple is rescued from storm Sally by water
Elaine and Jack Hulgan pose for a portrait after riding out the hurricane in their attic, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020, in Cantonment, Fla. Rivers swollen by Hurricane Sally's rains threatened more misery for parts of the Florida Panhandle and south Alabama on Thursday, as the storm's remnants continued to dump heavy rains inland that spread the threat of flooding to Georgia and the Carolinas.(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) (Source: Gerald Herbert)

CANTONMENT, Fla. (AP) - A Florida couple resorted to spray-painting a message asking for help on their front door during Hurricane Sally.

Elaine and Jack Hulgan had previously experienced flooding in their home in the town of Cantonment, north of Pensacola.

So before the storm arrived they started raising valuables like their lawnmower to keep them out of any floodwaters. Then the waters started rising.

Their one-story home took on about 20 inches of water and they went to the attic with their two dogs.

The couple was rescued by someone on a passing Jet Ski.

Now they’re getting ready for the long rebuilding process.

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