State EMA warns of flooding danger, allocates resources following Hurricane Sally

State working to mobilize resources

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - State emergency management officials are mobilizing resources at this hour, after getting a clearer picture of what’s needed down south.

The state EMA is coordinating primarily with Mobile and Baldwin counties tonight which bore the brunt of the storm’s wrath and are still doing search and rescue and calling on thousands of reinforcements to help restore power.

The state EMA’s deputy director says a lot of work is ahead.

“Obviously we are focusing on those coastal areas that have been highly impacted with not only rain, but storm surge, we are also looking at the future impacts as the storm system moves through the rest of the state, especially southeastern counties that will see a lot of rain,” said Jonathan Gaddy, deputy director of the Alabama Emergency Management Association.

In order to keep people safe, many cities have instituted curfews and even inland communities are warned to take it easy tonight and tomorrow, because with so much rain, we won’t know how bad inland flooding is until tomorrow.

“The main threat of this event really is flooding, we ask people please turn around, do not drown, don’t take a chance, and do not drive over flooded roadways. And really, the 911 service is for emergency calls only,” said Gaddy. He says some people are calling 9-1-1 for non-emergencies and tying up lines. Call non-emergency options like 211 instead.

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