Made in Alabama ‘The Devil All the Time’ premieres on Netflix

Made in Alabama ‘The Devil All the Time’ premieres on Netflix
Filming in Anniston. (Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC)

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - A movie filmed partly in East Alabama made its premiere Wednesday on Netflix.

The movie is “The Devil All the Time,” which stars Tom Holland, Bill Skaarsgard, Sebastian Stan and Robert Pattinson.

The movie is based on a book written by Donald Ray Pollock and is described as a dark, gothic thriller. It is set in a rural Ohio town.

It was filmed in Jacksonville, Lincoln, and especially in downtown Anniston, where the only things needed to be added to the set were antique cars. Digital work was done to remove modern day street markings from Noble Street, such as handicapped parking spots and bike lane markings.

The staff of the Peerless say a two-day shoot at Alabama’s oldest bar was very memorable and has brought in many diners curious about the movie.

“Right after they filming, we had a burst, an influx of people coming in, asking lots of questions,” said Peerless Floor Manager Meghan Fisher. “Now the biggest thing is when we get them coming in from out of town, reminding them, like, ‘Hey, in a couple of days,’ but now today is the day the movie drops, you know, ‘Let me show you where they filmed it, or you can go on Netflix, there’s a pandemic, no one can do anything, but you can say you were here where they filmed this movie.’”

Regretfully, the staff didn’t get to meet any of the actors, not even Bill Skaarsgard, who appeared in a scene filmed inside the bar. The business was closed for a couple of days during the shoot.

“They did get dressed and stuff, in the building, but staff did not get to be on site, although there were a lot of girls that would have been really excited to meet Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland and the whole works,” a disappointed Fisher said. “We were not that lucky.”

Altogether, three separate scenes were filmed inside the bar, as well as another scene filmed outside on 10th Street.

“There’s one at the very beginning, with Bill Skaarsgard actually sitting at that end of the bar, that very first barstool,” Fisher says, pointing to the north end of the bar. “And then there is a scene probably about 45 minutes into it, where you really get to see the pool table, and the modifications that they did, They put up a fake wall and all that, you can really identify it.”

The Peerless has Netflix on one TV, and it’s been showing the movie Wednesday.

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