Superintendents clarify Leeds vs. Moody FB game controversy

Leeds HS band told to leave game vs. Moody

LEEDS, Ala. (WBRC) - Both Leeds and St. Clair County Superintendents are clarifying what happened during the rivalry football game that ended in Leeds band being sent home.

Both superintendents say the districts talked ahead of the game to prepare, but there may have been a misunderstanding about who was allowed to come and leaders say COVID-19 impacted who was allowed to stay.

“We show up, we’re getting ready, and the superintendent asks the band to leave,” said John Moore, Superintendent Leeds City Schools.

Leeds Superintendent John Moore says they knew the band would not be able to perform at halftime, but says they didn’t know they couldn’t perform in the stands during the game.

St. Clair County’s Superintendent says in August the district decided its school bands wouldn’t travel to away games and visiting bands couldn’t come and play because of COVID.

“We were not prepared for them at all. That’s the reason we had to turn them away. I hated to have to do it, but we have the rule in place and no accommodations could be made for them because we were already at 50 percent capacity," said Mike Howard, St. Clair County’s Schools.

Superintendent Moore says it was a miscommunication and wished the students could have been able to stay and play in a different location on campus.

Superintendent Howard called the situation unfortunate and says the principals of both schools are working to get refunds to parents who paid and couldn’t stay.

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