Gov. Ivey: ‘Hurricane Sally is not to be taken for granted’

Gov. Ivey asks Gulf Coast to evacuate, be ready

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Governor Kay Ivey is again asking people on the Gulf Coast or in low lying areas to evacuate now ahead of Hurricane Sally making landfall.

Governor Ivey said the storm has the potential for historic damage.

The governor, the head of the state EMA, and the National Weather Service in Alabama all believe Sally could be very destructive. They are urging people in harms way to move and others to pay close attention to this dangerous weather system.

“I know you may want to protect your property, but it’s not worth your life,” Gov. Ivey said Tuesday morning.

Ivey has already declared a state of emergency. It prepares the state to be ready for federal help and funds if Hurricane Sally causes major damage.

“We are still hoping and praying Sally will not bring that type of heartache. My fellow Alabamians - Hurricane Sally is not to be taken for granted,” Ivey said.

The head of the Alabama State EMA said now is the time to take steps to protect yourself and family, even if you do not live on the Gulf Coast.

“Please take action now to prepare for widespread power outages. Make sure you have food, water, batteries and a way to connect for assistance,” Alabama EMA Director Brian Hastings said.

The National Weather Service says Hurricane Sally’s forecast continues to change while south Alabama remains under the gun, central Alabama needs to be watching the weather.

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