Flooding concerns in Homewood from Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally causes flooding concerns for Central Alabama

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WBRC) - There are growing concerns people here in Jefferson County and central Alabama will be under a flood threat with a lot of rain coming from Hurricane Sally.

Local leaders are making plans now to help with possible flooding. For some in Homewood a flood threat is all too real.

Homewood neighbors have dealt with flood threats in the past. Just last February a major storm dumped a lot of rain on Homewood that forced the evacuation of an apartment complex for safety reasons.

Overnight a storm dumped a lot of rain into Shades Creek right behind the Crescent at Lakeshore off of Lakeshore Parkway. Some people and their animals had to be evacuated. "We are not thrilled about that. We are keeping a close eye on that. We are keeping a close eye on the weather. Particularly the rainfall. We have been down this road before,” Peter Wright with the Homewood City Council said.

There has been a constant flooding issue in this area. A monitor has been in place for the last few years to tell authorities if Shades Creek is overflowing.

Wright says the fire and police departments will be patrolling the area later this week. “Once it goes over, an alert will go out to the fire department. They will start getting their resources together whether it is rafts, boots or drainage equipment to start getting those mobilizations down there,” Wright said.

Wright said unfortunately they have been through this before but they are experienced. Work is underway this week to clear drainage pipes. Wright said they are limited on just how much work they can do on Shades Creek to reduce the flood threat. "I’m not going to point fingers saying there is an upstream problem or a downstream problem, there is a multi-jurisdiction problem,” Wright said.

The creek goes through several cities and part of the county. Lt. Mark Shannon with the Homewood Fire and Rescue said they are prepared to move quickly. He is advising residents to get ready with a plan on what they need to move out quickly if there is a flood threat.

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