On Board Birmingham up and running at Birmingham Business Alliance

On Board Birmingham up and running at Birmingham Business Alliance
Source: WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A new way to attract talent from other cities and keep the talent we have in the Magic City is up and running at the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA).

“On Board Birmingham” is the first element of BBA’s branding effort to put Birmingham squarely on the minds of people who are thinking of moving, not just to major cities like Atlanta or Nashville, but to similar size cities like Huntsville or Chattanooga.

“It’s really a celebration of our city’s greatest asset, which is our people” says Karla Khodanian, BBA’s Manager of Talent and Higher Education Partnerships.

Khodanian says its important to let people primarily in the 25-39 age range know they can grow not just a lifestyle, but a career here as well.

“People don’t know, not only about all the good things here, but also they don’t know enough about career growth opportunities here. They think there’s not that next step for them in Birmingham, and we know from our conversations with HR leaders that that’s just not true,” says Khodanian. “We really do have plenty of jobs and plenty of career growth opportunities here.”

Their website drives visitors to information about job opportunities, entertainment, neighborhoods and also includes calculators to help people considering a move compare the cost of living in Birmingham to other competitive cities in the region. The opportunity “to take a walk virtually in Birmingham,” as Khodanian puts it, is something she says is especially important since the coronavirus pandemic has limited travel for many.

Khodanian says On Board Birmingham is also working on a partnership with colleges and universities in the region, as well as with local workforce training partners to promote opportunities in the city to keep new graduates. Khodanian says it’s important that they know, “that there is opportunity to not just live here, but to make an impact here.”

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