Sentinel testing shows fewer cases at UAB, UAH than Alabama, Auburn

Sentinel testing update on college campuses

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Alabama university system promised sentinel testing as classes resumed on campus and that process has started.

Dr. Michael Saag compares sentinel testing to the guard at the beginning of Hamlet asking, who’s there? And then finding out who.

He likes that analogy because looking for COVID-19, is like looking for a ghost, or the silent spread of COVID.

Sentinel testing randomly tests students, allowing officials to gauge a random sample and get a clearer picture of possible spread.

As of last week, UAB had seen just 19 cases, and UAH 7... compared to 849 at Alabama, and 598 at Auburn.

“UAB and UAH for example have done really well, the sentinel testing there is showing very few students -- especially in residential housing, which was something we were all worried about, but so far, that’s been safe,” said Dr. Saag.

Plans for sentinel testing will continue through the fall semester.

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