Alabama hospitals concerned about increasing COVID-19 cases

Concern that COVID cases could rise soon

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama hospitals are seeing less COVID-19 patients but there is still concerns that could change soon. Doctors across the state are worried about an uptick in confirmed positive cases.

In previous months Alabama hospitals were being pressed to meet the demand for ICU beds. But, as the summer progressed and people started using masks and social distancing, that changed. Unfortunately those numbers are going up.

“We are back to close to the level of hospitalizations close to the 4th of July. We had 740 to 800 cases per day. Now we have 800 to 850 case per day.” Dr. Don Williamson, Executive Director of the Alabama Hospital Association said.

Williamson said the biggest threat to those numbers going up is the return to schools, colleges and the recent Labor Day weekend. “If we behave poorly and we get a broader spread into the background population to people who are older and have underlying health conditions, then we are going to see that manifest in the next week or so.”

Williamson said he will be watching the next week to ten days as results of Labor Day can be determined. He hopes people will not relax their safety procedures with masks and social distancing in the meantime.

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