Homewood City Schools Superintendent talks adjustment to new role

New Homewood superintendent's goals for district

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The new superintendent at Homewood City Schools says his top priority is getting students, families, and staff to other side of this pandemic this school year while ensuring both safety and a quality education.

The transition into new leadership was as smooth as it could be considering the circumstances.

“When you’re coming into superintendency at the start of school and at the start of a pandemic - things are a little bit naturally chaotic, but our team has worked very diligently and there’s been so much smooth transition for me,” said Superintendent Justin Hefner.

Hefner isn’t new to the district. He worked as teacher at Homewood Middle School before transitioning to Pelham City Schools where he served in administration. He’s back home with the district and has been on the job for less than a month. He’s already brainstorming for what the district faces now and for the future.

“As I work with the board of education, we’re focused on some new goals and new initiatives,” said Hefner. “But the focus right now is so heavily on providing a safe environment for our students and providing a new form of education.”

Roughly 23% of the students are working virtually this year, with the rest opting for in-person learning. Students in 6-12th grade are on a staggered schedule and Hefner says they’re reassessing how the district will move forward.

“We’re currently evaluating that situation. We’re talking to our healthcare professionals who are helping guide our team Homewood plan,” he said.

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