Birmingham woman gathers cleaning supplies at all hours for elderly

Cleaning supply care packages for the elderly

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The elderly are most at-risk for major consequences of COVID-19, so one woman is making sure they have supplies to keep themselves safe.

Clorox Wipes, Lysol and other antibacterial supplies have been in short supply for months.

For Terah Thomas, that’s where social media came in. When stores restocked, people started posting online.

“I was trying to locate items for myself, my family and my friends and it just kind of hit me,” said Terah Thomas.

At 40,000 strong, the Facebook group Who Got It, figured out tips and tricks to get cleaning supplies online, and Terah knew she could use them to help others.

“I found that in the middle of the night that when I am working, it’s the opportune time to get online and shop for these items,” said Thomas.

She started at church, making sure the elders had care packages. And she plans to continue making sure the at-risk are well-supplied.

“Personally, I have an obligation as a Christian,” she said.

The tips to get supplies range from hitting refresh over and over again, to using different zip codes to determine shipping availability.

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