Birmingham adding extra flock cameras to help curb crime

10 more flock cameras heading to B'ham streets

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Birmingham City Council is putting ten more flock cameras within the city. The license plate recognition cameras pull from a database to help police find wanted suspects in real time.

“This year, I think it is very well known that crime is significantly down,” Birmingham City Council member Hunter Williams, said. “When you look at violent crime from rapes, they are down 52%. Aggravated assault is down up to 30% and then property crime in the different areas is down between 30 and 40%."

Williams said flock cameras recognize license plates. Police can load a database with a suspect’s car information and get notified when that car passes one of the cameras. Williams said Birmingham is one of the last cities to get the technology.

“Based on what has happened throughout the rest of the county, it will be very helpful for our detectives in solving crime," Williams said.

The police department plans to place the new cameras in high crime areas

“Right now, Birmingham Police Department is allocating their resources based on where crime is both occurring and where it is predicted to occur," Williams said.

Williams said it’s not new technology to the department, some cameras are already being used through a pilot program with Alabama Power, but now they will have even more to help keep crime trending downwards.

“Those officers and detectives will have the technology they need to do their job," Williams said.

The cameras will cost a little more than two thousand dollars a month and installation will begin in the next few weeks

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