Almost 3,000 homes proposed in new development on Highway 150

Concerns over new Hoover development

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - A lot of folks on social media are raising concerns about a new development off of Highway 150 that could bring up to almost 3,000 new homes.

The project is eyeing property directly across 150 from Lake Cyrus.

People in Hoover already know Highway 150 draws a lot of traffic. This new proposed development will mean more cars and families. The development is expected to impact schools and traffic.

The property where the development is being proposed will include about 833 acres, 2,800 homes and even commercial businesses. The first phase calls for building 900 homes for people 55 years old and older.

“These individuals are looking for a new home. A quality home, but they are looking to downsize. It’s filling a niche,” Jefferson County Commissioner Jimmie Stephens said.

The second phase will be larger homes aimed at families just starting out. Stephens said there are plans to build two private schools in the area to serve the parents.

Stephens said the property is in Jefferson County, but could be annexed into Hoover in the future. Stephens believes there must be assurances that roads, traffic and school impact can handle the influx of students and people.

“We want to make sure the infrastructure is there as well as the school system. So everyone will be happy and a successful development,” Stephens said.

The county commissioner is very aware that people in the area are asking a lot of questions about the project.

“The unknown. The better this is publicized, the more people understand. You need to have something that fits in an area and that will enhance the area,” Stephens said.

Stephens believes it will enhance the area, but it will be up to the developer - Signature Homes - to show it will not have such a dramatic and possible negative impact on this part of Hoover.

Again - the first step is before Planning and Zoning Thursday. Stephens said work could being later this year if the development is approved.

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