UA students react to bars re-opening

UA students react to bars re-opening
Reaction to Tuscaloosa bars reopening

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - More than 800 students at the University of Alabama tested positive for Coronavirus in the last week. This comes as Tuscaloosa bars are preparing to re-open in two days after being closed for nearly two weeks.

Mayor, Walt Maddox, is opening bars in Tuscaloosa on Tuesday, September 8th. He shut them down to help slow the spread of Covid 19 on campus, but now is giving bars new rules to follow once they open again.

“It was a really negative impact as far as up and shutting down, the way it happened,” Buffalo Phil’s Assistant Manager Karen Pons said. “We are a restaurant with a bar, so we had a little bit more leeway on that. But, we got a lot of the bar business because people would come and order appetizers, and order drinks and camp out, like they would at a typical bar.”

Some students think with rules, it is a good idea to open bars again.

“The bars bring in a lot of revenue for the city,” UA junior Cody Walker said. “I think it will be good, but they have to keep strict guidelines like they had.”

The new guidelines limit bar capacity to 50 percent and no more than 100 people. They also list that bars can only sell alcohol to seated customers.

Some students don’t think the guidelines are enough.

“Honestly, I don’t think it is a very good idea,” UA freshman Olivia Stavropoulous said. “There’s not a great way to maintain safety and obviously social distancing, you can’t do that when you are in a confined space. People can wear masks, but you have to take them off to drink.”

Maddox also said the city will block off some parking spots on “The Strip” to help allow social distancing while people wait to get inside.

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