Group creating set of wheels for Dilly the bulldog

Group creating set of wheels for Dilly the bulldog
Dilly the bulldog (Source: Keith Benning)

ROLLA, N.D. – A pint-sized furry friend is getting a second leash on life, thanks to the efforts of the crew at Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue

Dilly, an eight-week-old bulldog, was born with what appears to be a non-reparable birth defect or spinal deformity that prevents her from being able to use her hind legs, according to Keith Benning with the rescue.

Benning said he’s working with a veterinarian that works with the Souris Valley Animal Shelter and Roosevelt Park Zoo to build a custom wheelchair for Dilly.

They’re still working on fine-tuning the set of wheels for Dilly but hope to have it perfected soon.

Benning said their goal is to find Dilly a great home where she can a full and happy life on wheels.

You can follow their progress on the Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue Facebook page:

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