Locust Fork coaches and players test positive for COVID-19

Locust Fork game vs. Cleveland canceled

LOCUST FORK, Ala. (WBRC) - Friday night’s game between rivals Cleveland and Locust Fork has been canceled because several Locust Fork players and coaches tested positive for the virus.

Coach Matt Plunkett would not go into detail about how many players and coaches tested positive for COVID-19, calling the outbreak “minimal,” but he said he is among those recovering tonight.

Coach Plunkett said he tested positive on Monday.

He said he made the decision to get tested after he started not feeling well last Friday.

He said the worst of his symptoms happened between Friday and Wednesday, but he said he is already feeling better, joking that he could coach 15 football games right now.

He’s been self-isolating at his farm, and said doctors gave him a 10-day quarantine.

He plans to return to school on Tuesday to begin what he’s calling an “evaluation period” to take a closer look at how healthy his team roster is.

“The reality of it is COVID is real. That’s the reality. COVID is real and we need to have a great respect for it and I wanted my community to know that their head coach had a respect for COVID and our community has done nothing but support the decision that we’ve made because we’re always going to put the safety of our student athletes first and foremost in everything that we do,” Plunkett said.

Coach Plunkett added that they have a great return to play plan in place, which will start on Tuesday.

He said his team will need five solid days of practice before they can get back on the field.

He said he’s not going to rush anything, but he’s hoping his roster will be at least 90% healthy by mid-September.

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