Tuscaloosa City Schools considering early return to in-person classes

TCS bringing students back to the classroom

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The Tuscaloosa City School Board took another step forward this week to find a plan to safely bring kids back to in-person teaching.

“The health conditions in Tuscaloosa are better than they were back in July, which should point to looking at returning to school,” Superintendent Mike Daria explained Thursday.

He called conversations about returning to school buildings from remote learning during Tuesday’s Tuscaloosa City the right thing to do. He added, that the system has not received all of the computers it needed for students for successfully do virtual learning. If students are brought back earlier than at the end of the approved 9 week plan, they’d come back on staggered, temporary schedules. One group would come Mondays and Tuesdays. The other group on Wednesday and Thursday with alternating virtual days when they are not on campus.

The school board has not finalized a policy regarding temperature screenings for students. They would not have to be tested for COVID upon a return to class, but they would have to wear face coverings.

“If a student has to go home for an isolation, or if a teacher has to go home for an isolation or whatever, we have an education continuity plan so education can continue,” Daria said.

The School Board did not take any action this week. It is set to meet again next week. It could begin discussing possible return dates at that time.

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