St. Clair Co. reviews first few days back in school

First week without staggered schedule in St. Clair Co.

ST. CLAIR CO., Ala. (WBRC) - It was back to school this week for St. Clair County students participating in the traditional learning plan.

St. Clair County’s staggered schedule ended on Friday and traditional students returned Monday morning to a new normal. Superintendent Mike Howard says things have gone well so far.

“Our schools have set up most of them one way in the hallway. So everybody stays on one side of the hallway to kinda social distance as they’re in these common areas.”

Howard says all of the students and staff are following the mandates and guidelines from the state’s board of education and the Alabama Department of Public Health.

“Students visit their lockers at a set time,” says Howard. “Everyone is social distancing and wearing masks.”

For students learning virtually, there have been a few hiccups, but Howard says they are more than equipped to handle any issues parents or students may have.

“We’ve assigned teachers from all of our schools to oversee just virtual and hybrid students. So that will be their point of contact in those specific schools”

Principals of each school and curriculum instructors also have instructional videos available for parents. They are also available via email during school hours.

Howard says all of this is new and a learning process for everyone involved, but he’s still optimistic.

“I think what we’re doing is helping. I think just right now it’s growing pains of something we’ve never done before. Parents and students have never done before and are just trying to learn that process.”

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