Alabama student learns of health issue from DNA testing kit

Being aware of your pre-existing conditions

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A senior at the University of Alabama learned she had a pre-existing condition that would put her more at risk if she contracted COVID-19.

Allison Mansour was curious about her ancestors, like so many others, and took an at-home 23andMe DNA test.

“I’ll just go check it out and see what happens,” she said.

Her 23andMe results came back, and she knew she needed to take them to her doctor.

“I actually found out I had this blood clotting disorder that can cause clotting and a stroke,” she said, which her doctor confirmed.

The test results meant that during the pandemic, she needed to be extra cautious.

“It’s a lot but thankfully I have a good support system and my friends have been helpful and the university has been great about accommodations too,” said Mansour.

She notified the administration and they permitted her to take her final classes virtually, so she’s focused on staying the course.

She is now managing the blood clot disorder and has even applied to a master’s degree program.

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