Jefferson County’s health officer fears growing number of COVID-19 cases

New COVID-19 cases in Jefferson Co.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s another good week for Jefferson County. The county is still rated in the green indicating a low spread of COVID-19, but that may not last.

Dr. Mark Wilson has been looking at the number of cases each day. All during the month of August, those numbers have been dropping but that has turned around over the last week or so.

Testing for COVID-19 continues in Jefferson County. At Cathedral of the Cross in Center Point, a young mother decided to get tested after being exposed to a positive case at home.

“I didn’t feel bad. I’m not super concerned, but I do have a baby in the backseat. I would just like to keep her safe. All of us safe. So I would know how long to be quarantined, things like that,” said Rebekah Epting.

Jefferson County Health Officer Dr. Mark Wilson doesn’t like the recent reported numbers.

“Today, we had 200 new cases. We have averaged for the last seven days 192 cases a day. That is a bit higher than the previous week,” Wilson said.

The county was averaging about 75 cases a day earlier in August. Wilson said he has concerns those numbers may continue to grow.

“As I have said before, there are certain activities we can not monitor or control. A lot of that is the social activity and social interaction that are occurring privately that are not occurring in a business or a school,” Wilson said.

Meanwhile, Epting encourages people to continue to get tested. “The process was very smooth, very easy. I would encourage you to get tested,” Epting said.

Testing is down to 200 to 300 a day at the sites in Jefferson County. Dr. Wilson said Jefferson County could change color on the state map later this week.

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