Residents are seeking answers to flooding problems in Hoover

Flash flooding issues in Hoover neighborhood

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Over the course of time, rain has caused some problems for residents in Hoover Sunday afternoon.

Some areas were flooded and some of those areas have had a history of flooding.

The city of Hoover said their hands are tied if the drainage pipe issues are on private property. But today, they are checking out all of the drainage issues in the Green Valley neighborhood and around Star Lake, according to the property owners.

The flooding problems have existed for years and they are getting worried about more damage to their property.

A video was sent in by Martha Garner, a resident in the Green Valley Neighborhood and in the video there was water coming into her home.

“That was the worst I’ve seen it. Never seen it that bad and it has been bad,” Garner said

The Garners said they tried to block some of the flood waters from coming into their home, but to no avail.

“I think the infrastructure of the city drainage of the city drainage system has been properly maintained,” Garner said.

Drainage pipes are behind the Garners home but Garner believes they are not acting properly.

Across the street, a neighbor had flood waters ripping their gate off the hinges. The flood waters poured dirt into their pool.

Another neighbor down the street just moved in, but now has a growing sinkhole under their driveway with a destroyed drainage pipe inside.

“We are going through analyzing everything that is in the city right of way or in an easement today to be sure it is properly maintained and unclogged, " Allan Rice, Hoover City Adminstrator said.

State law forbids the city from working on drainage issues on private property, but the Hoover City Administrator said they will help determine what drainage pipes are doing or not going.

Rice said they will also help a private homeowner if they need to act on repairs and if they need to pay for the repairs.

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