Runoff will decide Anniston mayoral race

Runoff will decide Anniston mayoral race
Anniston, Alabama (Source: WBRC)

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - Anniston voters will decide in less than two months who will serve as mayor for the next four years.

Current Mayor Jack Draper was elected to his first term four years ago. He received the most votes in a field of five candidates.

That means Draper will go to a runoff with David Reddick, who for the last eight years has represented Ward 2 on the Anniston City Council.

We asked both candidates what they would like to see in a term beginning in 2020.

Mayor Jack Draper says, “l certainly think we need to finish the Ladiga Trail. I think that we’ve come a long way, and there’ll be a lot more progress being made. I believe even before October we need to capitalize on the regional partnerships that have been created that helped us reduce our crime rate.”

His challenger, David Reddick, tells us, “The major voters were asking for the same thing I’ve been fighting for, believe it or not, getting grass cut, getting stray dogs taken off the streets...growing business and development into the city.”

Reddick would be Anniston’s first Black mayor, if elected. He says his parents were the city’s first interracial married couple. They were married in 1974, seven years after the U.S Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage in all parts of the country in Loving vs. Virginia.

The runoff between Draper and Reddick and for three other council slots will be held October 6.

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