COVID-19 testing clinic held in White Plains

COVID-19 testing in East Ala.

CALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - The state department of public health set up again to test East Alabama residents for COVID-19.

State health department region ten emergency director Robbie Stubbs says the number of people who came to the Iron City Baptist Church in White Plains was down from previous clinics.

She hopes that is from getting the word out about discouraging retests and from schools that heavily encouraged tests before the school year began.

She says people need to pay attention especially to young people.

“I don’t know that in-school was such the big problem, but it’s things that go on outside of school, outside of work. The behavior’s got to continue, you’ve got to still wear your mask or stay away from people and continue to wash your hands,” Stubbs said.

Stubbs says one lesson people should remember from the bar closings in Tuscaloosa is to discourage visiting different households.

She warns about sports teams, for instance, posing for team pictures without masks or social distancing.

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