A student jumps from his dorm room during a fire at Miles College

A student jumps from his dorm room during a fire at Miles College
Dorm fire on Miles College campus (Source: WBRC)

FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WBRC) - Scary moments last night at Miles College, after an all male dormitory had to be evacuated because of a fire. Some dramatic video of one student on social media jumping from his dorm room.

Dorm rescue at Miles College during fire

“Jump. Just jump. You got no choice. We got you.” That was the sound of a student urging another student to drop out of window. The video spread across social medial as it was shot at Murchison Hall.

Today the school is praising students for acting quickly and helping to save that young man and others from the dorm.

“We are extremely, incredibly proud of our students. The had the mindset that no one would be left behind. The called 911. They knocked on doors to make sure that students got out safely,” Ashley Sutton, Public Relations Director at Miles College said.

“There was a student who had to jump from the second or third floor and students were there to catch him. Unfortunately he was one of the students who were taken to the hospital but he was released this morning,” Sutton said.

Three students were taken for examination. Two were released, one declined treatment. 117 students in the dorm will be relocated on campus to other rooms.

“All of the students are being accommodated across campus. As you can imagine we are not letting them back in.” Sutton said.

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