Tuscaloosa County School Board buys 400 WIFI hot spots

400 WiFi hotspots purchased for TCS students

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Tuscaloosa County School voted Monday night to buy 400 WIFI hot spots from T-Mobile.

That decision became necessary to accommodate students who live in parts of the county with little to no internet access who chose to take remote learning classes because of COVID-19.

The Board will spend $96,000 from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund to buy those WIFI devices. In July, the school board also bought 6000 I-Pads to boost remote learning efforts.

There are currently 2200 students in the Tuscaloosa County School System who are taking classes online for the Fall semester according to Michael Townsend, the Director of Technology, for Tuscaloosa County Schools.

“In our school system we’re unique in that we’re so spread out and a lot of our areas we don’t have internet in the areas like AT&T or Comcast or Charter. So we had to come up with alternatives to get them WIFI,” Townsend told WBRC.

The Tuscaloosa County School System hopes to get the devices in within the next 2 to 2 and a half weeks. Until then, students are getting paper assignments to complete.

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