Positive coronavirus cases rising at an unacceptable rate at the University of Alabama

Bars in Tuscaloosa to close for 2 weeks

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Dr. Stuart Bell made an ominous prediction of what will happen at the University of Alabama if they current trend in coronavirus cases on campus keeps rising.

“The rise in COVID cases that we’ve seen in recent days is unacceptable. And if unchecked threatens our ability to complete the fall semester,” Bell, the president of the University of Alabama, made to statement Monday during a press conference at the Park at Manderson Landing Monday morning.

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox and Dr. Ricky Friend, the Dean of the College of Community Health Sciences, joined Bell in stressing immediate action needed to be taken.

“The trend confirmed throughout the week and now has reached levels that require significant intervention,” Friend continued.

This week, the University will be testing up to 1000 students a day for four or five days in locations where a geographic coronavirus spread has been documented.

The University’s COVID Task Force also asked Maddox to take additional measures in hopes of flattening the curve of University of Alabama students testing positive for coronavirus. Some UA students believe they could be forced to switch from in-person classes to remote learning in a few weeks.

“We’ve actually been taking bets, a few of us, and I’m saying Labor Day is the latest,” Christopher Harden, a UA student added.

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