Jefferson County SRO’s training for school safety

School safety training

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Jefferson County schools start back to class next week, but today school resource officers are doing all they can to make sure it will be a safe return.

Training began today with learning key issues for the Parkland Florida school attack.

Their goal on Monday’s training was to learn what worked and what didn’t, so that SRO’s can move quickly with information they have to act on and secure any threat.

Investigators criticized the response time in 2018 Parkland school shooting it was too slow and the attack left 17 dead and 17 wounded.

“The training puts us all on the same page. Everybody in Jefferson County schools need to be on the same page to respond to an incident at the schools,”Sheriff Mark Pettway said.

The sheriff’s office said a major factor for keeping students safe is a relationship between the students and the SRO’s.

“When the children like you, they will talk to you. They will tell you if there is going to be a fight at the school, if there is a threat on the internet. Once you know about these things you can prevent things from happening,” Chief Deputy David Agee said.

Sheriff Pettway urges parents to check on their children to see if they are having any issues or if they may know something.

The sheriff said training helps his officer to protect students and not depend on armed educators.

“We want to make sure we are the ones protecting school. We don’t want teachers or administrators to bring guns because they don’t have the training we have,” Pettway said.

Sheriff Pettway is asking parents for help in keeping their children safe by speaking up. If their children see anything unusual or suspicious, they should not let fear or concerns about snitching interfere.

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