UA students react to new on and off campus COVID19 guidelines

UA students and president on new campus guidelines

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - University of Alabama president, Stuart Bell, released a statement Sunday, saying there has been an increase in positive cases of Coronavirus on campus.

The statement said students could potentially be suspended for not following new guidelines, and some students said that is too harsh of a punishment.

“I’m just going to go ahead and say no,” UA junior Amari Chaffer said. “I don’t believe students are going to be following the guidelines.”

The new campus guidelines say that large gatherings are off limits on and off campus.

“There should be some safety precautions, but I don’t think they need to be as intense as they are doing them,” UA Junior Parker Thompson said.

Effective immediately, these are the interim policies for all students of The University of Alabama, clarifying and building upon existing guidelines:

  • Greek Houses – Access Restricted and Gatherings Prohibited
  • All common gathering areas of Greek housing facilities are hereby closed.
  • Residents may reside in their rooms.
  • Meal service will be grab-n-go for residents and members.
  • No one other than residents, advisors, and staff may enter a house.
  • Social distancing is essential.
  • Gatherings are prohibited in the house, on campus, and off campus.
  • Escalated consequences will be imposed.
  • Housing and Residential Communities Facilities - Access Restricted and Gatherings Prohibited
  • Common areas of our Housing and Residential Communities will remain closed.
  • Visitors are prohibited.
  • Social distancing is essential and gatherings are prohibited in the rooms, on campus, and off campus.
  • Escalated consequences will be imposed.
  • Off-campus Houses - Gatherings Prohibited
  • Off-campus residents are required to comply fully with the social activity, mask, and social distancing restrictions put in place by the Governor and the City.
  • Off-campus gatherings are prohibited by law and University rule.
  • Escalated consequences will be imposed for anyone who hosts or attends a social gathering in violation of these ordinances.

“I hope students will follow the rules, but as far as I have seen in the last weekends and weeks, everybody does what they want,” UA graduate student, Dominique Satterwhite, said.

If a student gets a first warning of not obeying the rules, that student will have to take health and safety training according to the campus website. The website said a second offense could go on a students disciplinary record and a third offense could result in disciplinary probation.

“I think it’s ridiculous that they are going to be able to suspend us if we are hanging with people in our own houses off campus,” Thompson said.

According to the University president, Stuart Bell, more than three offenses could potentially result in a student’s suspension.

“If they are continuously offenders then yes, they should be suspended,” Satterwhite said.

Bell, said UAPD and the Tuscaloosa Police are monitoring bars, restaurants and off-campus homes to make sure these new rules are followed.

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