Schools bring in extra resources to help Hispanic families through pandemic challenges

Making sure students don't fall behind

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - School districts are working to make sure all students are served this year. Districts with higher Hispanic populations have had to do a little more planning and bring in more resources.

About 45% of Tarrant City School students speak a language other than English as their native language. Spanish is most common.

The district is starting with e-learning for all students, so making sure Hispanic students and families have what they need is a top priority this school year.

The district is working to get a bilingual paraprofessional in each school that can be readily available for teachers if they need help with e-learning. In the meantime, the superintendent says teachers will do videos and zoom calls with students to make sure students who are learning English don’t miss foundational skills.

They’ve also contracted translators to help with registration.

“We’re going to make sure we have them the full first week of school. All day - just in case students have not registered or not completed the process of getting their Chromebooks,” Dr. Sherlene McDonald, Tarrant City Schools Superintendent.

Students start next Tuesday and will do e-learning for the first 9 weeks.

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