High School football fans happy to social distance in stands

High school football amid a pandemic

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham City Schools have players on the fields for the first football games of the season, but it’s not your traditional game for spectators.

“When you’re in the stands and you cheer for them, it goes a long way,” fan Yolanda Riggs said. “It’s exciting.”

There’s empty seats in the bleachers at Wenonah High School’s football game, but it’s not because fans did not want to come.

“We are distancing ourselves and will stay within the family,” fan Deraun Crawford said.

“It’s a big part of my high school experience,” student Ryan Dickson said. “Being able to come to a football game is very fun and important.”

Birmingham City Schools athletic director, Henry Pope, said the district is only filling the stands 20%.

“It’s his senior year and he needs support and it’s just something to do other than be in the house,” Riggs said.

Pope said Tickets are all virtual, so the district can control how many people come in. Fans are required to wear masks.

“You have to follow the rules or they are going to shut it back down,” fan Recf English said.

Some fans social distanced by watching from outside the fence, while others separated in the stands.

Pope said coaches are also required to wear masks throughout the entire game and are asked to social distance while they are on the sidelines.

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