Free internet vouchers headed to Alabama families

Internet vouchers coming in mail

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama families will start getting internet vouchers in the mail next week from the state. This is to help low-income students get access to internet to help with remote learning.

Governor Ivey announced in July that $100 million in Cares Act Money would go to help increase internet access for kindergarten through 12th grade students since districts are relying heavily on remote learning.

Qualifying families will get a letter in the mail that will have information on how to set up your service. State education leaders are asking you to pay close attention so you don’t accidentally throw it away.

The state estimates letters will go to about 250,000 families and should start arriving Monday. The vouchers will help cover equipment and service costs for internet from the fall through December 31st.

“Would have been great if we could have children connected to the internet in March, but that’s just not something that could be done. So, we’re making progress as quickly as we can,” said Dr. Eric Mackey, State Superintendent, “During the pandemic, it is extremely important that students have access to the internet because so many of them are going even beyond homework. They’re doing their real school work.”

The providers contracted by the state will look at what existing lines and technology infrastructure are in that community to determine how it will provide internet for the family in need.

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