Lawson State Community College named Apple tech hub for HBCUs

Lawson State partnership with Apple

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Lawson State Community College is now a Apple tech hub for HBCUs. Apple has extended its partnership with the school which means more learning resources are coming to the college.

It’s part of the Apple Community Education Initiative that specifically works with HBCUs across the country. It started at Tennessee State University and has expanded to include other HBCUs -- including Lawson State.

The focus is to teach people how to code and build technology. Lawson State is already know for its coding program - but the designation as a regional coding center means the whole state wins.

“The center is bridging coding, creativity, and workforce development,” said Dr. Kesha James, Director of Distance Learning at Lawson State.

The designation means the school will get the latest equipment from Apple to teach free coding courses that can be offered not only at the local level --- but statewide.

“This program is really going to be expanded throughout the state of Alabama. We will reach out to all HBCUs in the state,” said Dr. James.

School leaders hope to start rolling out the expanded program by November. They say the excitement around the program is because they feel it will help close gaps in learning and access for HBCU students and build a more diverse workforce.

“You may be a computer science student and have the hopes of working for Twitter or Facebook, but at our schools we may not be getting that knowledge,” said Dr. James, “The program, such as the Apple Initiative, will bridge the gap between HBCUS.”

This is a non-credit course, so along with students - community members also have access to it.

The school says more information will be released closer to November on how you can register.

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