Hueytown football uses fog machine to clean players’ equipment, kill COVID-19

Spraying away COVID-19 in Hueytown

HUEYTOWN, Ala. (WBRC) - Hueytown’s practice is full of social distancing and mask wearing, but it’s what’s happening behind closed doors that’s really giving players comfort on the field.

“It’s usually about an hour after we staff meet everyday, we have coaching duty assignments to clean different areas of the field house,” said Hueytown Head Coach Greg Patterson.

Like in the locker room. Each day after practice, helmets, shoulder pads, and lockers are sprayed down with a hospital-grade disinfectant to help kill COVID-19.

“We just hope this gives players a peace of mind, parents a peace of mind, and the public a peace of mind that we’re doing everything we know to do to keep these players safe,” Patterson said.

“We have a fog machine and we literally wipe down everything we do, so I feel extra safe,” said Hueytown offensive guard Richard Pearce.

Patterson says they’ve always cleaned players equipment to help prevent infections like staph, but now with COVID-19, they’re disinfecting multiple times a day.

“It’s the protocol that’s been handed down to us, and like I told the kids, we’re going to do everything in our power so we can play,” Patterson added.

This fog machine is giving players reassurance they’re safe.

“It’s just a great feeling, you know, with us having doubt not having a season, I really look forward to playing,” Pearce said.

Hueytown opens the season Friday at Minor.

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