Etowah County Probate Office will soon offer services via drive-through

Etowah County Probate services to go curbside

ETOWAH COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Etowah County’s Probate Judge’s Office will soon become the latest entity in the COVID-19 era to offer their services curbside.

The office is converting a concessions trailer to house computers used by the office.

Probate Judge Scott Hassell says people who don’t want to come inside the courthouse, and can’t master the online services, will soon be able to stay in their cars behind the Etowah County Courthouse.

He says he got the idea when he visited a fair in nearby Marshall County, and saw a man selling snow cones out of a similar trailer.

We’re going to be able to conduct many of the services, not all but many of the services that normally a person would have to come in the courthouse to do, they can now do it through the drive-through here at the courthouse,” Hassell said.

“And we’re hoping in the future if this works out well, and if the people like it, we’re designing it and equipping it in such a way that we can put it in other places throughout the county,” he added.

Hassell says people can get hunting and fishing licenses, boat registrations, even marriage licenses at the drive-though.

They won’t, however, be able to renew their driver’s licenses there, due to a special computer furnished by ALEA.

He says the transactions will have to be done by check or debit card, to avoid making the clerk working in the trailer a robbery risk.

Hassell says when the drive-through goes online, he’ll announce it via social media.

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