Shelby County leaders give update on COVID impact in district

COVID-19 Impacting Shelby County schools

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Shelby County leaders are monitoring staff and students either coming back to school after COVID exposure or being sent home because of COVID.

The district started the year with 7 teachers impacted at Inverness Elementary. 1 teacher tested positive and 6 others were quarantined because of exposure. One of the teachers was set to start the year working remotely.

“They are all doing well and expected to be in the school this Thursday,” said Cindy Warner, Shelby County Schools.

Students started back last Thursday and since then - more cases have been reported.

“The majority of students at Oak Mountain High School. We had 4 positive cases there, but we do have a few scattered at some other school zones,” said Warner.

In total 7 students in the district have tested positive and 15 students have been quarantined. 1 staff member tested positive (Inverness Elementary) and 6 staff have been quarantined.

“All of these are community acquired cases. None of these were acquired at school,” said Warner.

School leaders say because the cases were acquired outside the school, they will continue to maintain safety measures at school, but are urging community members to do their part as well.

“We do have cases throughout the community still and we anticipate that will continue to be problematic for community spread in school,” said Warner, “One thing we ask of our teachers, students, and parents is to take those extra measures in the community to be safe so we limit the amount of exposure coming back into the school.”

The schools where other students were impacted are Calera High School and Helena Intermediate.

The District’s first deadline to swap between virtual and traditional learning was Monday. Still about 25 percent of the student population will continue with virtual learning.

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