‘Just put your mask on’: Auburn players on the season and COVID-19

Nix and Britt talk to media

AUBURN, Ala. (WBRC) - Auburn quarterback Bo Nix and linebacker K.J. Britt talked to reporters Tuesday about the SEC sesason and the response to COVID-19.

Nix said he feels great and practice feels great as the team gets ready for the 2020 SEC season.

Asked about what the team has sacrificed in order to practice and play, Nix was asked whether it was frustrating seeing students and people in Auburn not wearing masks last weekend. Nix said he felt safe, and he and the players are taking extra precautions from other students and they are doing a good job social distancing.

“The only thing we can do as players is do our job and hope that eventually the SEC and the NCAA, when they start making decisions, they’ll make it in our best interest,” said Nix.

Nix said this is a unique year regardless of how many conferences are playing, but he thinks as the season progresses the standings will work themselves out.

Nix said the SEC schedule released Monday was great because as a team they can move forward. He said having a schedule reinforces the fact Auburn will play football. He’s excited to play teams from the east they don’t normally get to play. Nix also said they will need to focus week to week on teams.

Linebacker K.J. Britt said his goals for himself and the defense are to get back in a rhythm of things and work on little things they saw on film. Britt said being back on the grass is something you can’t take for granted.

Britt said he's ready to have fun because you never know what might be your last snap or if things will change again.

Britt was asked about positive COVID-19 tests earlier this year and how the team handled it. Britt said there can be so much at risk with COVID-19 that the team all agreed as a brotherhood not to risk his brother or put someone’s child at risk from the virus. He said when the team had the talk about the virus it was great, and that’s how they grow as players.

Britt was asked about Auburn students and the reaction to some of them not social distancing. Britt said “It’s something we can’t do.... It’s not healthy right now.” Brent continued, “Just put your mask on. I can’t tell you not to go to the grocery store or go out to eat.”

Britt said he’s not a doctor, but he knows what he’s been told to do and it has worked.

Tide & Tigers ready for kickoff

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