‘I came back for a reason’: Alabama players talk practice and COVID-19

Smith and Moses talk to media

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama football players DeVonta Smith and Dylan Moses spoke to the media Tuesday about practice and looking forward to the upcoming fall SEC season.

Smith, wide receiver and team captain, was asked about his decision to come back and play. Smith said he didn’t like the way the team finished in 2019 and he wants to finish things the right way this year and get his degree.

Smith said he and players talk about COVID-19 every day, and he says right now, he thinks being in football is the safest place he can be, and he thinks everything is going in the right direction. Smith said he can’t control what happens, he came back to play for a reason, and he has to “stay here with it.”

Smith said practice and changes because of COVID-19 have been about being disciplined and staying on schedule.

Smith said his offense under Mac Jones includes getting to the ball quicker and working to make little things better.

Smith said he and the players aren’t worried about what other conferences are doing, they are focused on the SEC.

Linebacker Dylan Moses said he feels really good and being on the field after a long time of healing feels really good. He said he’s ready to play Missouri on September 26.

Moses said he wants to be able to put a punctuation at the end of his career at Alabama, and he loves his teammates and he came back to play with them.

Moses said the defense needs to get better at communication and that’s one of the things the D is working on.

Moses said you can’t look at the past, but now that he has looked back at things the guys need to work on, he’s ready to be a leader and help in that process.

Moses was asked where he is mentally after rehab and the pandemic. “This last year’s actually been really hard for me especially in the beginning when I first got hurt, but as far as COVID and you know us practicing and getting ready to play and all the uncertainty that was going on before, actually I’m pretty at peace with it,” Moses said.

The SEC released the fall schedule Monday. Moses and Smith said the team is focusing on one game at a time.

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