“Are we playing or not?” Alabama RB Najee Harris’ one concern this season

Bama players feel comfortable on campus

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama quarterback Mac Jones and running back Najee Harris spoke to the media Friday on a Zoom call, the first interviews the Crimson Tide has had since last fall.

Harris and Jones said the team is being tested three times a week for COVID-19, and is doing their part to stay healthy like social distancing, and wearing a mask.

Harris said the team feels safe on campus and isn’t worried about COVID-19. They’re more worried about whether or not they will actually be able to play a season.

“That’s the only mood is we don’t know if we’re playing or not, we want to play, it’s just that we’re not trying to go into camp and do all these things of knowing when we’re going to play, but we’re sticking it through and we’re just having a mindset like we’re playing until we know otherwise,” Harris said.

Alabama begins fall camp on Monday, August 17th. The SEC moved to a ten game conference-only schedule, but has yet to release the schedule for all 14 schools.

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