School nurse jobs look different this school year

Changes for nurse health protocols in schools

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The role of school nurses is changing for students this year.

“We have a whole different section for COVID-19,” Trussville Schools Superintendent, Dr. Patricia Neill said. “We have the gloves, we have the foot covers, and we have the gowns. We have face shields, anything they would need if they were in a hospital with COVID patients.”

The 5 nurses offices for Trussville City Schools have been renovated or had partitions added. They created an entrance for “well” students and a separate entrance for those students with COVID symptoms.

“We have students in school who are diabetics or asthmatics,” Dr. Neill said. “They have routine visits to a clinic and they would be considered a well student.”

There is a new clinic pass with specific COVID-19 questions and nurses taught teachers what signs to look for in students before sending kids to the nurse. Students can still come to the nurses office for non COVID related illnesses.

Dr. Neill said students with any symptoms of COVID should not come to school at all.

“We want the parents to keep their child home so the nurses won’t have a line of students outside their clinic door,” Dr. Neill said.

She said if students stay home with COVID symptoms, it won’t impact their attendance record.

“A student who stays home multiple times with COVID-19 symptoms won’t ever get into that truancy track this year,” Neill said. “We are trying to re-open schools and stay open.”

The school district hired one extra school nurse and medical technician assistants to help the nurses offices.

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