Counselors say students may lose social skills while online learning

Virtual learning and socialization

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Counselors say students learn more at school than just academics and participating in virtual learning means they may miss out on important relationship skills.

Counselor Lauren Roberts said it is important for parents to keep working on socialization even if students are learning from home. She said the skills kids learn at school are important and help them in their daily lives, like problem solving and maintaining friendships. She said parents need to make sure their students are still participating in class discussions virtually and are still interacting with their peers.

Roberts also said it is important for parents to ask their kids about their day, even if they were home all day. She encouraged parents to give students an outlet and someone to talk to.

“They need to talk about their emotions throughout the day,” Roberts said. “What it was like to sit in front of the screen today. What it was like when mom got frustrated. What it was like when brother and sister were overwhelmed and irritated today. They need to learn how to get through those emotions and talk about it.”

Roberts said she has reached out to local school districts to encourage student therapy. She encourages students have other adults to communicate with during virtual learning.

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