Certain gaiters no longer advised as COVID-19 facial coverings

Are gaiters/bandanas effective?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A new study from Duke University thoroughly tested different kinds of masks and found that thin material simply does not do a good job of trapping particles.

The study tested one gaiter and found that particles were able to get through, defeating the purpose of wearing a facial covering.

They tested more than a dozen different kind of facial coverings and the gaiter is getting a lot of attention for failing.

Masks are supposed to help trap your spit particles so they don't get into the air, but common gaiters aren't cutting it.

“It’s a combination certainly of stretchiness of the material, and the material potentially being very thin,” Prof. Martin Fischer at Duke University said.

The mask Duke tested was made of a polyester and spandex blend, but there are gaiters made of thicker materials.

Local health officials are not saying that all gaiters are useless in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Instead, they recommend wearing a second layer if you have doubts.

“I’ve seen a report that layering different types of fabric may be more effective than just one type,” said Dr. David Hicks at JCHD.

Cotton performed very well in the test, so adding a cotton layer could be an easy fix to the issue.

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