Birmingham’s “Ed Farm” continues to grow

Ed Farm program continues to grow

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A major education initiative in the Magic City has found a way to keep rolling.

The pandemic hasn’t stopped work at Birmingham’s Education Farm. In fact, CEO Waymond Jackson says the farm, which is a partnership between Birmingham and Apple, is continuing to grow.

Among some of things the farm does, is work with educators in its teacher fellows program to help with professional development. Some of that training shifted online because of COVID-19.

“To teach them innovative training technology using Apple devices, coding and in turn them using those devices to inform their curriculum,” Jackson said.

The Ed Farm also has a student fellowship program. Recently, Apple devices were handed out at South Hampton school for students to take part in challenge-based learning for the fall.

“Helping them solve community-based challenge problems through coding. Those being the core focus of our work,” Jackson said.

Jackson says the Ed Farm’s programming is perfect for the moment seeing as everyone is having to adjust to the new normal. The Ed Farm is now looking to expand its work throughout the state.

“We know there are a lot of challenges in urban areas across the state as well as rural school districts and so those are the places where we really want to dive in and see how we can help there,” Jackson added.

Jackson is also hoping to the Ed Farm leads to a global education technology accelerator that brings in people from around the world to launch education technology in the Magic City.

The farm also has an adult coding program for things like app development.

You can learn more about the Education Farm at

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