SEC Commissioner Sankey: ‘As we move forward we hope, towards competition with no assurances that actually will take place’

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey (SOURCE: The Dan Patrick Show)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey told sports journalist Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show that SEC football and college football is a rollercoaster ride right now, but he feels better today (Tuesday) about things than he did Monday.

Sankey said he and the league made decisions that put the SEC in a little bit better place as far spreading preseason preparation out and moving first game kickoff back.

Sankey said every day they learn a little more about COVID-19 and the response in sports.

Patrick asked Sankey if student-athletes were safer playing in college football, and Sankey said he believes they have made a case that it is safe by controlling the environment, putting them in a healthy situation with health protocols. “What we’re continuing to do is to support the return of healthy competition,” said Sankey.

SEC leaders are also looking at third-party testing in order to have independence and as a part of making football viable.

“Our medical advisory group has said, ‘Yes, we can continue to go forward.’ Were that advice to change, certainly would be a stopping point.”

This is the statement from SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey on postponement of Big Ten and Pac-12 Conference fall sports seasons:

“I look forward to learning more about the factors that led the Big Ten and Pac-12 leadership to take these actions today. I remain comfortable with the thorough and deliberate approach that the SEC and our 14 members are taking to support a healthy environment for our student-athletes.  We will continue to further refine our policies and protocols for a safe return to sports as we monitor developments around COVID-19 in a continued effort to support, educate and care for our student-athletes every day.”

As of this published report SEC football kicks off on September 26.

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