Keeping Promises: Birmingham Promise adapts to meet students changing needs during pandemic

Student deadline for fall changes August 14th

Birmingham Promise deadline Aug. 14

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - This fall the first Birmingham Promise scholarship students will head off to college, but college looks very different than it did when the scholarships were awarded in the Spring.

That is why the Birmingham Promise is giving students time to make changes up about their plans for the fall, but the deadline is this week.

“If you’re school of choice has changed, if you’re thinking about delaying your start, if you are thinking about maybe not going to college in the fall, we need to know by August 14th,” says Birmingham Promise Director Rachel Harmon. “Whatever your plans for the fall we just need to know by August 14th.”

To make those changes, students need to either call 205-843-5967 or email

Harmon says they realize that some students may not feel comfortable heading off to school right now, and some parents may not want their child moving into a dorm during the coronavirus pandemic.

She says whatever students decide, The Birmingham Promise wants to be a resource to help them on their path.

“We want Birmingham promise to be a community resource and for people to know that we are here for you, we are here for you in whatever way your individual journey looks like.” says Harmon. “Despite what is an unimaginable difficult time we are really excited, excited to kick it off and make the promise tangible in a way that it wasn’t before.”

This class was already special, being the first scholarship class of the Birmingham Promise initiative, and Harmon says the pandemic, will only accentuate that.

“There is something really special about The class of 2020. You guys have gone through the hardest senior year since the early 20th century. What impact that is going to have on the way you lead and the way you shape our community and our state is really exciting for us and to be able to play even a small role in that trajectory, we are really excited about it,” says Harmon.

students have until August 14th to make changes for fall.
students have until August 14th to make changes for fall. (Source: birmingham promise)

There is a virtual town hall meeting August 11th for students and parents. To join call 205-775-8088, the meeting ID is 5132.

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