Debate over Cancelling College Football

Debate over Cancelling College Football
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some big time football conferences are debating to cancel the upcoming season.

Reports have the Big Ten and possibly the Pac-12 willing to cancel the season because of the coronavirus. No decision on what the SEC will do.

WBRC reached out to one of Alabama’s top sports writer who covers the University of Alabama and a major event organizer for both Alabama and Auburn. They say just because the Big Ten is calling it quits doesn’t mean others will follow.

News that there could be no college football spread quickly over the weekend and Monday across the nation.

Cecil Hurt, sports writer for the Tuscaloosa news says it could happen but don’t expect the SEC to just copy the Big Ten’s lead especially if COVID numbers continue to improve.

“It’s a nice day in the fall and the stadium sits empty. It’s not going to cut it with what the chancellor at Purdue wanted,” Cecil Hurt, sports writer and editor with the Tuscaloosa News said.

Hurt believes the SEC will continue to look at numbers and consider what is in the best interest of the student athletics to keep them safe.

Gene Hallman with the Bruno Event Team has been working closely with student testing and he says it’s best for those athletes to stay on campus.

“I would say these student athletes are far better off inside of the college football bubble because they are being tested two to three times a week,” Hallman said.

Hallman said the results of some 10,000 students show a low positivity rate of just over one percent and stated there is no reason to rush and make a decision.

“I think the SEC is holding back and making a decision until they have the latest and greatest information. Make that decision at the last possible time,” Hallman said.

But Hurt believes a final decision has to be forthcoming.

“I don’t know if we have a couple of weeks. Greg Sanky is very deliberate nothing wrong with that but at this point it’s only fair to the players and only fair to the fans to make a decision,” Hurt said.

No decision is likely to be made today, but one is expected this week. The loss of college football would be a big economic loss for Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Auburn.

Hurt and Hallman both said the decision will be made based on the numbers to protect athletes and others.

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